my song is my gift
save you, save you, i'll save you

  Due to an obscene amount of time spent thinking and listening to CDs, the radio, watching MTV, etc. I decided that I would do a page on songs that remind me of Minako in some way or another. Whether its a sentiment, or the fact that they mention Venus or a goddess, or whether it's just poppy or what not.. Below are some songs that fill the requirements and a little explanation on why I chose them. If you have any to add, please let me know. BTW, some songs can be and are considered love songs, but no, I'm not saying something about Minako's sexual preference, they're just songs. ^_^

never gonna let you down.. good thing, huh artemis? Sometimes- Geri Halliwell- Schizophonic
  Why? Cuz it captures so much... it's fun, it's a shock when the mood changes back and forth... It's rather schizophrenic, happy one minute, down to business the next, like Minako can be. Well, she's more on the happy side, and that's got more happy than bitchy SooOOoooo.. besides, I think Minako would be a Geri Halliwell fan... you can't luv idols if you don't alike the Spicies. ^_~ ~~i'm a living breathing contradiction

Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry- Ace of Base- The Bridge
  Okay, if you hate AoB, please, leave me alone... I like them, okay? Thankies... Any way, the lyrics to this song are rather poppy, the beats fast enough, and the idea is pure Minako. Basically, my take on the song is someone who refuses to apologize for their beliefs and won't conform just to be popular, they want to be who they are, as well as trying to cheer up their friends and loved ones. Who DOES that sound like...
~~i'm never gonna say i'm sorry
i'm a clown for everyone
i'm never gonna let you down
i'm always here, like the sun~~

Standing at the Edge of the Earth- Blessid Union of Souls- Walking off the Buzz
  Okay, this song is more of a Minako to Usagi or an Artemis to Minako kind of song. The whole song revolves around someone leaving, and their friend (or 'friend') telling them they're going to miss them and will be praying for their safe return, but have a bad feeling about it, but won't lose hope or faith that they will come back. *sniffle*
~i'll be standing at the edge of the earth
hoping that one day you'll come back again
i'll be standing at the edge of the earth
hoping that someday you'll come back to me
i'll be praying for whatever it's worth
believing that you'll come back again

venus protecting the princess from terrors unseen? nahh Dandy Life- Collective Soul- Dosage
  This song is just so darn poppy!! Anywho, it's probably my love for this song that is forcing me to include it.. Um.. I can't really describe the song, you have to hear it for yourself and heck, the CD is pretty darn spiffy, so it's not a waste of money you know.
~and if i lost some of your hope
i'm sorry for the folly was all mine
and i don't ever really understand
all the things we say
but i tro to anyway anyhow~

End of the World-BUOS- Home
  Another pretty spiffy CD from Blessid Union. Anywho, moving on, why this song? Like the last one from this band, this is more of a sing to someone song, rather than a direct Minako type. How? The song is about someone's friend going through a very rough breakup, and how the friend wants to look out for the one who went through the breakup. Like Minako wanting to look out for Usagi, or after Alan broke Minako's heart, you might wanna let her listen to this song. ^_^

~you know there's more to love,
you know there's more to life,
and I know there's more to you~

minako lookin pretty spiffy Outer Space Girls- Spice Girls
  This one is a B-Side to one of their Spice World singles, and it's where I swiped the name for this site. (Look Out Venus.. Lov.. oooh) It's just the vibe of the song and it's so catchy. It reminds me of my friends (well, when we're getting along) and the fact that they mention the planets reminds me of zee senshi! Ooooh.. Anywho, I like the song. :)
~look out venus, we'll be coming soon~

She's So High- Tal Bachman
~she's so high above me, like cleopatra, joan of arc or aphrodite~
'nuff said.

And... the last one, for now, which is more of a personal love of the song, and based on the lyrics only.


~goodnight, sleep tight my movie star, you don't know how fortunate you are~
  that line right there made me think of the blonde haired one, and while it's a rather sad song in a lot of respects, it makes me think of Minako's desire to be famous, even though she already is... mebbe it's just me.

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